Not a Candle, an Experience!
(Patent Pending)

Light it, Or don't.

Safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly
Made from naturally occurring elements
Aromatherapy & Light Therapy that is actually pleasant to use

Custom-made: choose size, color & aroma
Hand poured, highly scented & self illuminating

Charges in minutes with any light or the sun
Glows for hours (duration depends on color)
No electricity, No batteries. No bulbs.
Not radioactive (like old glow products)
They are the brightest candles EVER made (40-60% more luminosity)
It's the slowest burning candle on the market
(burns twice as long as paraffin, 50% longer than soy)
  • In the garden at dusk
    In the garden at dusk
  • Outside at midnight.
    Outside at midnight.
  • Extreme luminescence
    Extreme luminescence
Unlit, it's safe for
Aromalight Therapy
-Yes, it even works unlit
Placing in gardens
A child's night light**
Pets to be around**
Use in offices
Use in hospital rooms
Nursing homes (even with oxygen in use)
Migraine sufferers (onset by bright lights) 

Emergency lighting*

*USPTO classifies this as a non-electric alternative light source (The same illumination technology used in emergency & exit signs)
**Candle containers are glass, so please place out of reach

Live Life Luminously