10 tea lights in assorted colors & aromas or a dozen of one color and one aroma 5 oz total /.5 oz each

This little gem is a nightstand favorite. No need to light for a soothing nightlight while the aroma carries you off to dreamland. Perfect for bathrooms & kitchens, as well.
3.5 oz Filled votive glass container. $20.00

This is the original style I used when creating, failing, experimenting, testing & for the eureka moment!  I tested dozens of different sizes, shapes, and styles of containers to achieve the brightest luminescence possible. These 2.5" x 2.5"-2.5" opening were superior to all others. Able to light a medium-large (or open floor plan) space. 
5 oz 'roly poly' style container $24.00


14 oz globe with 2 wicks $40.00

Colors: Skye (blue), Twilight (purple), Rain (teal), Cloud (neutral/glows blue) & Sunset (pink/glows peach and gold)