Not a Candle, an Experience!  Patent Pending

Light it, Or don't

Safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly
Made from naturally occurring elements
Aromatherapy & Light Therapy simultaneously

Custom-made: choose size, color & aroma

Hand poured, highly scented & self illuminating

Charges in minutes with any light or the sun
Glows for hours (duration depends on color)
No electricity, No batteries. No bulbs.
The brightest candles EVER made (40-60% more luminosity)
The slowest burning candle on the market, burns twice as long as paraffin & 50% longer than soy
Rechargeable for 25 or more years
Unlit, it's safe for
Aromalight Therapy
Placing in gardens
A child's night light**
Pets to be around**
Use in offices
Use in hospital rooms
Nursing homes (even with oxygen in use)
Those affected with Photosensitivity
Can be used for emergency lighting*
Not radioactive (like old glow products)
Does not emit any harmful chemicals

*The USPTO classifies this as a non-electric alternative light source (The same illumination technology used in emergency & exit signs)
**Candle containers are glass, so please place out of reach

Live Life Luminously