Aromalight TherapyTM

Aroma & light therapy together. You can achieve stress relief, tranquility, energy renewal, creative inspiration, better focus and more. For scientific and medical data regarding light therapy,  the affect colors can provide, how aromas trigger chemical brain response and more on the Facts & FAQs page.

Create a mood or inspire a conversation. Take a calm, healing journey. Enjoy an enlightening moment, or simply have an illuminating experience.

A 'must have' for candle lovers, enlightenment seekers, holistic healers, mindful thinkers, luminous life practitioners, spiritual and religious believers, as well as lost souls and current light box users. 

As we travel to the next dimension of enlightenment, the journey will provide
 new paths for us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and others.

Create your own experience. With many self=illuminating colors and amazing aromas to select from, you can conjure up happy memories or create new ones. Hand poured, highly scented, self illuminating gel candles that are truly created just for you.

Great for outdoor decor. Place a few unlit candles around your patio in the evening for a relaxing aura, or light them for a festive atmosphere that's perfect for entertaining. Place them in gardens and when the sun goes down, the area is mystically illuminated.

Live Life Luminously

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