~My mission is to brighten as many lives as possible~
About The Creation (Candle) 

One night, as I sat out back with an unlit (due to migraines) candle. I realized that even under the bright moonlight, I could not see the candle. It did nothing. It did not comfort or relax me. It didn't even try to lift my spirits. So.., I lit it.  All I could see was the flame... I still could not see the candle!  That's when the epiphany came.

WHAT IF...I could create a candle that would exude a brilliant glow from the candle itself?  
WHAT IF...It didn’t need electricity, batteries or even a flame to emit hours of illumination?  
WHAT IF...It wasn’t (just) a candle...it was an experience!

Although I had NEVER  made a candle before, I knew exactly what I wanted. I saw it in my mind. I turned my kitchen in to a laboratory, my phone into an encyclopedia & hobby store and in just 21 days, I had success!  I was holding in my hand what I had seen in my mind. The moment was EPIC!
 comfort me.
IT DID relax me.
IT DID  lift my spirits,
And yes, I
did  see my candle in the dark, even without being lit! It was... AN EXPERIENCE!
Quite by accident, I learned that the experience 

About The Company

Luminous Life Candles began in 2019 with one product, one person and one goal. I wanted others to ‘get it’ (the experience).  A few didn't, but the overwhelming majority did! I knew that I had to share this unique, photoluminescent light source for everyone to experience.  As of September 9, 2021, the non-electric  aromalight therapy  candle (not a candle, an experience) has patent pending status with the USPTO!
I love, love, love feedback, suggestions, requests & questions from all (use link below). I am passionate about problem-solving, creating, discovering and improving by learning from others. As this journey continues, I look forward to gaining a greater understanding of myself and others,  while brightening as many lives as possible along the way.
All creations are backed 100%. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, contact me  (with the link below). I'll make it right. 
Proudly made in the U.S.A. (assuring that quality and safety will be consistent).